Karaoke 2015 

Long Island Gujarati Cultural Society (LIGCS), a local cultural group serving the Indian community in Suffolk and Nassau counties, hosted a karaoke evening on Sunday, April 26, 2015. Founded in 1997, LIGCS focuses on cultural, spiritual, educational, and charity events and believes in supporting the community under the current leadership of President Bakul Matalia and his executive team.

This musical program helped walk an extra mile in an effort to expand their horizons thereby encouraging the younger generation to participate in the organizational activities. Under the continued leadership of Bakulbhai Matalia and the extra ordinary coordination effort of Vijaybhai Shah and Mayurbhai Shah, the program identified hidden talents amongst several LIGCS members.

The event was so impressively planned and executed that few non-members expressed their desire to serve the organization with their new membership. The Executive council of LIGCS welcomed the guests with High Tea and snacks.

Mr. Vijay Shah, a known vocalist and artist himself and the Vice president of Programs, anchored the program along with his co-host Mayurbhai Shah – the Joint Treasurer of the organization. Music and dance floor rocked entire evening for almost over 3 hours.

Several exciting Future upcoming programs were announced at the event namely Talent Show, Picnic, Diwali Program etc. Additional details will be update shortly on www.ligcs.org.

Sumptuous dinner was served at the end of the program. An extraordinary effort of the executive committee of LIGCS and the collaborative support of several volunteers made the program a huge success.

LIGCS continues to expand its horizons in future as well with its continued variety of programs. LIGCS has be continuously expanding for the last over 18 years and the accomplishments since  inception is tremendous, with the  long-term success goal of preserving the spirit of traditions and upholding the cultural values through continued personal commitment, hard work, and sacrifice.

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