Long Island Gujarati Cultural Society Diwali 2015 Press Release

Under the leadership of President Bakul Matalia & Team, Long Island Gujarati Cultural Society (LIGCS) celebrated its Annual Diwali event this past weekend with a joyous combination of lighted lamps, colorful rangoli, delicious food and rocking band by Bollywood singer and Gujarati Movie Actor Parth Oza, Rujuta Dholakia & group. Over 400 attendees included several organization and political leaders celebrating this festival with a pomp of joy and pride for their culture. Mr. Vijay Shah (VP of Programs) and Mrs. Flora Parekh (Public Relations Officer) were the Master Of Ceremonies for the evening.
Among the prestigious attendees were Hon. Narayn Prasad Mainali, Consul General of Nepal, Hon. George Maragos, Nassau County Comptroller, Hon. Andrew P. Raia, NYS Assemblyman, District 12, Hon. Andrew Garbarino, NYS Assemblyman, District 7, Hon. Chad Lupinacci, NYS Assemblyman, District 10, Mr. Dilip Chauhan, Director, Nassau County South East/Asian Affairs, Mr. Naveen Shah (President RANA & President / CEO of Navika Group Of Companies), Mrs. Pam Kwatra  (Founder & Chairwoman) and & Eric Kumar (Co-Founder and Vice Chair of SA4BNY & G30forIVF), Ms. Nisha Kalamdani (Ms. Nepal USA Ambassador)  and many more. ITV and TV Asia covered the event.
The event started with colorful Rangoli Competition participated by several talented rangoli artists. This very organized and yet fun filled event provided opportunity to meet the LIGCS executive committee as well as all prestigious leaders. Parth Oza’s bollywood group rocked the dance floor and the event extending almost an hour plus over the designated time with audience still insisting to dance their hearts out. Sumptuous dinner with mouthwatering sweets were offered to all attendees. A food drive was conducted for the very first time  donating several non-perishable food items thereby helping bring a smile to the needy in this holiday season.
Exciting raffle prizes totaling over $1400 included 2 Nights, 3 Days Stay at a Luxurious Resort In Virginia, Golf For Two With Golf Cart And Golf balls, Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner For Two, 2 Broadway Show Tickets With Dinner In Upscale Indian Restaurant, Gift baskets and much more sponsored by generous supporters like Navika Group of Companies and Cheers wine and liquor store owned by Umaben and Rajuben.
LIGCS Committee of Bhadresh Acharya (Vice President), Vijay Shah (V.P.  Programs), Paresh Raval (Secretary), Prakash Shah (Joint Secretary), Suresh Udeshi (Treasurer), Mayur Shah (Joint Treasurer), Flora Parekh (Public Relations Officer) and the Executive Committee of Amrish Kachhy, Govind Akruwala, Gunjan Matalia, Jayesh Shah, Ketan Upadhyaya, Prakash Patel, Varsha Kinariwala along with Advisory Board members Dr. Manibhai Patel, Mafatbhai Patel, Tribhovanbhai Patel and a bunch of volunteers strived for days to plan this extremely organized event. The event was an excellent portray of the rich and varied Diwali culture and everyone went back with a smile still dancing their way out.

Press Release

(Sitting from right to left)
Hon. Andrew P. Raia (NYS Assemblyman, District 12), Mr. Bhadresh Acharya (Vice President), Hon. Andrew Garbarino (NYS Assemblyman, District 7), Ms. Nisha Kalamdani (Ms. Nepal USA Ambassador), Hon. Narayn Prasad Mainali (Consul General of Nepal), Mr. Bakul Matalia (President), Hon. George Maragos (Nassau County Comptroller), Mr. Dilip Chauhan (Director, Nassau County South East/Asian Affairs), Mr. Paresh Raval (Secretary), Mr. Vijay Shah (VP of Programs),Mr. Suresh Udeshi (Treasurer)
Standing (Right to Left)
Mr. Ketan Upadhyaya (EC), Mr. Jayesh Shah (EC), Mr. Govind Akruwala (EC), Mr. Truptiben Akruwala, Mr. Jayanti Shah (Senior Citizen Forum Convener), Mrs. Varsha Kinariwala (EC), Mr. Tribhovanbhai Patel, Dr. Manibhai Patel, Mrs. Flora Parekh (Public Relations Officer), Mr. Amrish Kachhy, Mrs. Gopi Udeshi, Mr. Prakash Shah  (Joint Secretary), Mr. Prakash Patel.